poochie plumesHow Poochie Plumes works
This is a new unique way to add something a little different to accessorise your furry friend.

The installation is an easy and simple technique. They are attached using a silicon lined micro-ring (no glue needed) and won’t damage your pet’s fur. (Please note the fur must be approx 2cm long for installation).

See the installation page for more info.

What can you order
Poochie Plumes come with 4-6 feathers, ranging from 2 – 5 inches, and are bonded at the tip for easy installation. Poochie Plumes’ arrangements are sold individually and are intended for animals. Please see our online shop.

Poochie Plumes has developed a true art form in our design, creating varying vibrant arrangements. You can even hand pick feathers of your choice and design your very own special unique arrangement.

We try to show all our  feather options online, but we constantly have new stock so contact us if you have something specific you are after, there are no limits!

We’re always available to answer any questions you may have.