Does the size of the dog matter? / How do I know what size category my dog is?

If your dog is very small (smaller than a Teacup Pomeranian) or very large (bigger than a Labrador) please specify in the “Size of dog” box during checkout and we will make your Poochie Plume accordingly.

Small dog breeds are less than 25kg
Medium dog breeds are 25-60kg
Large dogs are over 60kg.

There are often overlaps between the sizes- for example often bigger “small” dogs will overlap into medium range. Then there are special cases such as teacup dogs and toy dogs.
Please use the “Order Notes” comment box if this is the case.

How are Poochie Plumes applied to the fur?

Poochie Plumes are easy to apply (See installation page). Simply thread the micro ring provided onto your pet’s fur and then slide your Plume into the micro ring and clamp shut with pliers. To remove, simply squeeze the ring in the opposite direction.

How many feathers come in a Poochie Plume?

Each Poochie Plume is handmade and contains 4-6 feathers.

How many individual feathers can I get bonded?

Maximum number of individual feathers are 6 for bonding

How long can Poochie Plumes be left in?

We advise you to keep your Poochie Plume in for about four – six weeks,  you can then remove and brush your pets fur to prevent matting.  Your Poochie Plume can then be re-used and re-installed with your additional free micro rings provided.

Are Poochie Plumes colour safe?

Normally, they will not bleed nor fade. If you choose to put Poochie Plumes on a white pooch, (like my own dog shown on the site) there may be a chance of bleeding onto your pet’s fur. Use any pet shampoo to remove.

How can I become a wholesaler or stockist?

Please email us and we will contact you direct, you will then be approved by Poochie Plumes.