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ADVICE- listen loud and clear!

I don’t know about you but I hate bath time, well hate is a bit strong…. there are better ways I think I could spend my time other than being dunked in the kitchen sink, sprayed by a hose or if I am a little special warm water out the shower. Anyway my advice to [...]

Is it me or is anyone else getting brrrrrrrrrr?

Obviously and I am really furry and fluffy and all, but I don’t want to sound like a moaner but…….. by god does it get cold. When it has been raining or seriously wet, my little tootsies get cold and then my body gets cold when it is really wet. Anyway, the main giveaway is [...]

Fancy dress party….

SO I have been invited to a fancy dress party if you could all help that would be great….. which do you prefer?

Filming…. I got talent spotted….. woof woof

So I have been the best behaved girl at Mum’s meeting and karma really is true…. As we walked out the meeting I got talent spotted on the street in Battersea to be filmed for a show airing in Germany… (still everyone has to start somewhere, right?) They were filming for a pop up art [...]

Dog of many talents- Pudsey has nothing on me!

Sometimes people say you should be modest but really I just like to blow my own trumpet, life is too short so I will scream and shout and make the most of each day. Talent one- pole dancing …… I like to keep fit but sometimes a run just won’t cut it!   Talent two- [...]

Shakey Shakey

I always think this is hilarious in slow motion, it is such a mundane thing for us four legged creatures but it still tickles me everytime!

Me and cats

One word…. cats. So I have a real issue with these funny smelling four legged creatures, especially when they jump out from nowhere at night when I try to do my business……