Oh herrrrrrro!

I am so excited for 2014 I had the best christmas with lots of tasty human treats, yes I am a lucky girl and we escaped London to my fave place the sandy island!

Luckily with all that exercise it is safe to say I have still kept my sleek and slender 2013 body!


As you all know I love presents (who doesn’t!?) so Christmas really was a fun time! ¬†First thing on christmas day we all jump on Mummy’s bed and open our stockings!! Sooooooooooo exciting!


We had the whole family and the waif and strays! The more people the better as that means more attention! ALthough I have to say christmas is called silly season for a reason- just look at my totally cray family…..Yes poor me, I am the sensible one like Saffy out of Ab Fab!


I even had a friend to play with who stayed with us, (Ebony she was a fun little Snouchzer).

photo 4

Reality is back and here I am pawing away at my keyboard back at work ….. if only I could be Santa again

photo 3