Friends and Plumes

This weekend I had the most amazing weekend away….. Mum and I went to our second family in Henley…. where my three bests live, Minx, Roo and Squire. (Don’t tell anyone but Roo is my fave, as she is the most fun!)

Don’t we look like we cute?  Some people may start singing…..”How much is that doggy in the window?!”

Oh we are not for sale by the way, maybe when we are naughty, but that is a rarity!

photo 1


We went on the longest walks in the rain, obviously we were super clean on our return! Showers, and blow dries for all! eeeek, not my fave!

photo 2

Anyway obviously all my mates so my Poochie Plumes and got fur envy, so they all asked to be feathered up, for their boho chic accessory…….now they are just as cool as me!!!

photo 2a

photo 4

photo 1a photo 1b

photo 2b photo 3 photo 3a