New Partner in Crime

I recently have found a new best friend- whether he feels the same about me yet I am not too sure but apparently persistence pays off. I was surprised myself to find a friend like this as not only is he triple maybe even quadruple my height, but ginger and also quite clumsy…. oh and [...]

Spring is coming…….

The best thing recently is when I am with Mum the sun roof is open (she has heat full blast), with the sun shining through and best of all the windows are down…… There is nothing better than the wind in my face and fur…… As before I had to sit watching the world go [...]

My morning walk

I think I am one of the luckiest girls to be able to walk in such beautiful surroundings- here are some snaps from my morning walk……

Baking my favourite past time

So I saw this amazing collection of cupcakes that look just like me…… Someone was seriously talented and obviously thinks I am seriously cute!!! So I started looking for more doggy cakes and was quite surprised at some of the amazing creations I found……

My bestie and Big Bear

So I am a little polar bear and this is big daddy bear……everyone loves a cuddly bear and that’s what we are to each other…..

Friends and Plumes

This weekend I had the most amazing weekend away….. Mum and I went to our second family in Henley…. where my three bests live, Minx, Roo and Squire. (Don’t tell anyone but Roo is my fave, as she is the most fun!) Don’t we look like we cute?  Some people may start singing…..”How much is [...]

Fave Places

I have my favourite places, which make me smile and feel all warm inside…. The beach is my fave, I love to get all dirty with the sand in my fur, and salt on my skin! The best is when we are all together! Try and spot me in the pic- I always like to [...]

Blonde Beach Bum

As you all know I love being outside, posing, keeping fit and meeting others…. I find the beach one of the best places to really let my hair down and meet other like minded people… so much so I even find mini me’s! How cool is that!   Here some snap shots that the awesome [...]


Oh herrrrrrro! I am so excited for 2014 I had the best christmas with lots of tasty human treats, yes I am a lucky girl and we escaped London to my fave place the sandy island! Luckily with all that exercise it is safe to say I have still kept my sleek and slender 2013 [...]


Like any normal dog, I love to be outside playing with the wind in my beautiful fluffy locks.  I think I am big dog trapped in a small dogs body….. Here are some of my fave things, big sticks, following mum around, going to the beach, playing in the snow, and leaves.